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FSSI provides social investments to vulnerable communities to achieve sustainable development.


FSSI envisions just, sustainable and 
empowered communities, recognizing 
diversity of cultures, respecting 
integrity of creation and realizing the 
fullness of life.


Develop sustainable local communities through the Triple Bottom Line (3BL).


Strengthen and enhance the 3BL performance of social enterprise (SE) consortium areas.

Achieve organizational sustainability.

Support growth of SE through financial and non-financial services.

Social Justice
The Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc (FSSI) recognizes the need to address the long-standing issues of poverty, the disregard for basic human rights, and environmental degradation. Thus, FSSI believes that social justice for the poor is best achieved through participation and empowerment, anchored on the principle of equality and fairness for all. That the promotion of social entrepreneurship, demonstrated through economic democratization and environmental justice, is best served by adopting an integrated business approach that includes access to capital by the poor, economic viability, gender equality, sound environmental practice, and the application of the benefits of enterprise for the common good. Social justice through social entrepreneurship ensures that more people participate and benefit from economic productivity.
The FSSI’s endowment is a public trust. FSSI is a steward of this public trust. This is achieved through transparent, prudent and diligent management of financial resources and its optimum use. FSSI seeks to apply innovative fund usage that will maximize both social and financial returns through valuable entrepreneurship, at the same time ensuring continuing growth for the institution, equitable development and environmental sustainability in all its initiatives. FSSI commits to put its resources into best use and enjoins its partners to follow suit.

Gender Equality
FSSI believes that development must benefit both women and men. Being aware that the present social structures have not fully recognized women as agents of development, FSSI takes an affirmative action in maximizing women’s productive, reproductive and community participation and contribution to society. FSSI believes that a healthy social relation can be harnessed by providing equal treatment and opportunities among women and men in their access to and control over resources, decision-making, benefits and rewards of development.

Environmental Sustainability
FSSI believes that sustainable development will only be realized if people and communities will use and manage resources in a manner that will not compromise the needs of future generations. FSSI seeks to apply innovative solutions and technologies that will promote biodiversity conservation and protection of the environment.
Good Governance
FSSI is a staunch advocate in upholding the principles of shared and transformative leadership and respect for basic human rights. It seeks to demonstrate participatory and democratic processes in policy and decision-making. FSSI demands, in its dealings, the practice of transparency, integrity and accountability.

Culture of Excellence
FSSI ensures continuing relevance, efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of its work. FSSI will continue to seek and advocate for best practices in making a difference in the lives of the communities it serves.