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Kapatagan Multi-Purpose Cooperative
How Isabela Farmers Are Becoming Social Entrepreneurs
Aug. 30, 2016 | By Kathleen Lungub

Way before the onset of the storms we are experiencing now, there have been many times when 57-year-old Mang Kikoy stood under the scorching heat and looked afar, wondering if he still has crops to harvest. Every time rain has been scarce, the prolonged heat eventually shrank and withered his plants...
Malaya Development Cooperative
Rising From Typhoons Through a Dairy Enterprise
April  25, 2015 | By Kathleen Lungub

MANILA, Philippines – For the agricultural sector, typhoons and other natural disasters have placed them in a never-ending cycle of poverty and uncertainty...
Alter Trade Foundation Inc.
‘Sweet’ Redemption Through Group Farming
April 02, 2017 | Mark Anthony D. Toldo

La Castellana, Negros Occidental—Almost four decades ago, farmer Mario Patricio took up arms to resist the elite landlords or “hacienderos.”...

Bagong Pag-asa Credit Cooperative
Hope After Leprosy: The Story of Bagong Pag-Asa Credit Cooperative

It was the early 16th century when Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, haunted the Philippine archipelago. People inflicted with leprosy were taken away from their families and isolated in far-flung communities. When medical treatments for leprosy were not yet discovered, patients had to endure unbearable pain from drug trials by physicians...