The Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that offers financial and non-financial products and services to social enterprises with people, planet and profit objectives, also known as the triple bottom line (3BL).


The economic participation of marginalized sectors in social enterprises and value chain.


The sustainable management of local ecosystems and development of climate change adaptation, mitigation, and disaster risk reduction mechanisms.


The sustainable production of 
commodities and development 
of local values chains.

Our programs aim to develop sustainable local communities through 3BL strategy.



Supports credit-ready enterprises to grow their business; open to cooperatives, NGOs, people’s
organizations, sole proprietors, corporations and other SMEs with at least 3 years operation

  • Loan amount
  • Up to Php 40 million
  • Types of financing
  • 1. Credit line
    • Supports working capital requirements which can be drawn when needed and amortized based on the expected operating cash flow.
  • 2. Term loan
    • Supports business expansion that requires acquisition of additional assets or on improving system and operation which are needed to accelerate growth. Loan amount can be released based on pre-set schedule and amortized based on the short-term or medium-term operating cash flow of the enterprise.
  • Interest rate
  • 0.6% to 1.15% per month; subject to credit evaluation and based on diminishing balance; fixed for the entire loan term
  • *No processing fees or other fees except for short-term financing of less than 6 months
  • Term
  • Up to 5 years, depending on business projection and cash flow
  • Collateral
  • Real Estate Mortgage, Chattel Mortgage, and others
  • Loan windows
  • 1. Enterprise Loan
    • Aims to support SMEs in general. Loan purposes can vary from acquiring assets, new equipment, building construction, building/plant improvements, opening new location, launching new product/services and additional working capital.
  • 2. Agro-enterprise Loan
    • Aims to support agriculture-based SMEs especially those that support local value chain. Loan purpose can vary from acquiring assets, new equipment, building construction, building/plant improvements, opening new location and launching new product/services and additional working capital.
  • 3. WSE Loan
    • Aims to support women social enterprises. Loan purpose vary from acquiring assets, new equipment, building construction, building/plant improvements, opening new location and launching new product/services and additional working capital.
  • 4. PO Financing /Bridge Financing
    • Aims to support working capital requirements particularly to finance delivery of purchase orders and receivables. Loan is packaged as credit line which the enterprise can draw from during a set validity period.
  • 5. Wholesale Loan for Agri-Credit
    • Aims to support cooperatives, microfinance NGOs and other lenders that cater to credit needs of producers in the agri sector. Loan purpose is for lending to individual producers of agriculture and aquaculture commodities.
  • 6. Wholesale Loan for Microfinance
    • Aims to support cooperatives, microfinance NGOs and other lenders that cater to credit needs of micro-entrepreneurs. Loan purpose is either for individual or group lending.
  • 7. Business Rehab Loan
    • Aims to support recovery of business operations that was affected by natural calamities or health emergencies. Loan purpose, in general, can either be for working capital or fixed asset acquisition.
  • Target partners
  • Registered cooperatives, NGOs, People’s Organizations, and SMEs with at least 3 years operation

Invested in SEs to support them in creating positive impact on marginalized communities and operating business innovations that supports environmental management and conservation in exchange for a share of ownership.

  • Amount:

  • Up to Php 40 million
  • Term:

  • Based on business design and proposed term sheet
  • Target partners:

  • SEs with innovative business ideas that are in the scaling stage of development whether new or expansion

Invested in secondary cooperatives and rural banks in the form of time deposits which are made available to support cooperatives and other social enterprises.

  • Target partners:

  • Secondary cooperatives and rural banks

Participation in co-investment arrangements with other impact investors that aim to achieve particular social or environmental impact in a particular geographic area or particular social sector or group. Investments can be provided in the form of loan, equity, or developmental deposits.

  • Target co-investors:
  • Impact investors
  • Target partners:
  • Social enterprises, in general
  • Loan amount:
  • Up to Php 500,000
  • Purpose:
  • Working capital, expansion, PO financing, purchase of equipment/ property, launching innovative solutions
  • Interest rate:
  • Zero during the initial term of investment
  • Target partners:
  • Social enterprises that aim to reduce poverty and/or protect the environment in a specific location

Access to resources on adopting and improving triple bottom line or 3BL


Access to latest innovations on industry and business, environmental management, and gender and development.


Our loan products include:

  • Microfinance program
  • Start-up enterprise loan
  • Bridge financing/Purchase order financing
  • Enterprise loan
  • Agri-credit
  • AIF business incubation
  • Business development
  • Agro-enterprise
  • Capital assets
  • Renewable energy

Qualified applicants for developmental deposit include:

  • Secondary cooperatives

  • Cooperative banks

  • Rural banks
  • Venture capital for social enterprises

  • Start-up enterprise grant
  • Capacity building grant
  • Advocacy grant
Who are eligible to apply for our products and services?
Social enterprises which has people, planet and profit objectives, which take the form of either the following:
  • Cooperatives
  • Microfinance NGOs
  • NGOs and POs
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietorships
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