Who are eligible to apply for our products and services?
We support social enterprises that undertake the development, production, processing and marketing of commodities. These social enterprises shall qualify to our people, planet and profit bottomlines criteria and take the form of the following organizations:
    • Cooperatives
    • Microfinance NGOs
    • NGOs and POs
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • Sole proprietorships

What are the products and services we offer?

FSSI extends loans to enhance the capacities of social enterprises to meet their increasing demand for financial investment that is necessary to help ensure growth and sustainability. Loans are provided for a specific business proposal or business activity and can be classified according to types:
    • Microfinance program
    • Start-up enterprise
    • Bridge financing/PO-financing
    • Enterprise
    • Agri-credit
    • AIF business incubation
    • Business development
    • Agro-enterprise
    • Capital assets
    • Renewable energy
Interest rate: 8% to 12.5% 
Maturity: Up to 5 years (depending on business design and cash flow)
Terms of payment: Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or lump-sum (based on
business/projected cash flow)
Processing time: Monthly processing for amounts up to Php5 million and quarterly processing for bigger amounts

Developmental deposits is invested in community financial intermediaries to help strengthen their financial condition and sustain their financial services to smaller community financial intermediaries.

Eligible organizations to apply for developmental deposits are secondary cooperatives/cooperative federations, cooperative banks and rural banks.

Maturity: 1-3 years
Terms of payment: Monthly payment for interest

Equity is the venture capital of FSSI to a social enterprise. 
Grant assistance is provided to civil society organizations (CSOs) and CSO-based social enterprises that are involved in initiatives towards economic viability, ecological soundness and social equity. Grants can be classified as:
    • Start-up enterprise grant
    • Capacity building grant
    • Advocacy grant
Eligibility: NGOs, POs, Cooperatives