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FSSI Shifts Focus from Area- to Commodity-Based Value Chains

Strategic Plan for 2020 to 2024 The Board of Trustees has approved FSSI’s new vision, mission, core values, priority value chains, and strategic goals and objectives for 2020 to 2024. Learning from the lessons of our strategic plan for 2017 to 2019, we are now shifting our focus from geographic- to commodity-based value chains. With […]

DA Launches Loan Programs for Youth, Agri-Fishery Enterprises

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has launched two new loan programs aimed at addressing the needs of small farmers and fisherfolk and encouraging the youth to go into agriculture. The Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs (KAYA) Program will finance capital requirements of start-up or existing agri-based projects of young entrepreneurs and agri-fishery graduates who are […]

2018 CSO Sustainability Index – Philippines

The Philippine civil society sector continues to boast of highest level of sustainability in the Asian region compared with eight other counties covered in the 2018 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index. The Philippine CSO sector is strongest in terms of sectoral infrastructure and is weakest in terms of financial viability. While the sustainability score did […]

Lessons in Developing Inclusive Business in Agriculture: Learning from Grow Asia’s Experience

The Philippines has embraced the concept of inclusive business as an effective approach for large- and medium-size companies to provide more opportunities for the poor to participate in the growth process, particularly for the agriculture sector which has had dismal growth in the past decade. As defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the […]


Download FSSI’s external assessment researches on the macroeconomic landscape and prospects in the Philippines for the next 5 years. This was conducted in line with preparations for our new strategic plan for 2020 to 2024.  Click on the topics to view and download Economic Industry Analysis Environment Political Legal/Governmental Socio-cultural Technology

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