Call for Expressions of Interest

The Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) is looking for a researcher who will undertake a study of Philippine Social Enterprises (SEs) based on related literature, FSSI data and key informant interviews.

The study, which is expected to be completed by August 2024, will look at, among others, the main characteristics of SEs in the Philippines, the challenges they face, the opportunities for their further development, and the support they need.

Description of the FSSI Study on the Philippine Social Enterprises

A) Objectives:

This study aims to provide a description of the main characteristics of social enterprises in the Philippines, their strengths and weaknesses, the challenges they face and the opportunities for their further development, and the support they need from institutions like FSSI.

  1. B)  Methodology:
    1. Survey of related literature
    2. Review of FSSI data on its partner social enterprises and related reports
    3. Key informant interviews
  2. C)  ExpectedOutputs:
    1. Research paper following the outline below; approximately 70-100 pages, including a 5- page executive summary, and excluding annexes, and
    2. Presentation of the highlights of the paper to FSSI leaders/staff (with presentation slides).

*Indicative Outline of the Research Paper:

  1. Background
    -definitions of social enterprises
    -types of social enterprises (based on primary social/environmental mission, ownership/ legal organizational form, main business, primary sectors served, others)
  2. Profile of Philippine SEs
    1. Number and Geographic Distribution
    2. Ownership/ Membership of SEs
    3. Products/ Services
    4. Target Sectors
    5. Financial profile (assets, revenues, etc.)
    6. Strengths and WeaknessesPlus: Profile of FSSI Partner SEs viz. General Profile of Philippine SEs (Which segment of Philippine SEs has FSSI served?)
  3. Support for Philippine SEs
    1. Government Policies and Programs
    2. Non-government (non-profit) Support for SEs
    3. Business Sector Support for SEs
  4. Conclusion
    1. Capacity of and Opportunities for Philippine SEs
    2. Challenges Faced by Philippine SEs and Support Needed by them
    3. Recommendations for FSSI and other SE Support Institutions

Plus: Executive Summary

D) Timetable

1. Selection of ResearcherBy May 2, 2024
2. Data gathering and Report Writing
a. First Draft
b. Revised Draft
May 3 – July 15, 2024
June 30
July 15
3. PresentationJuly 16-31, 2024
4. Final VersionAugust 15, 2024

Those interested should submit on or before April 24, 2024, a letter indicating their interest to do the study and include a curriculum vitae. These should be sent by email to

We will reply to short-listed applicants by April 26, 2024, and will provide them with more information on the study and on the next steps in our selection process.

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