Chairperson’s Message

A Time for Critical Hope

Mr. Elvin Ivan Uy

Dear Partners and Colleagues,  

Idealism and resilience never cease to provide hope and inspiration to the nation. The recent survey showing a record-high 96% of Filipinos feeling optimistic this year is a testament to this unyielding resolve to drive transformation and progress. 

While hope is undoubtedly a powerful force that propels us forward, we must not let it blind us to the economic and social issues that continue to afflict our communities. As part of the civil society sector, it is our mandate to work towards identifying practical solutions prioritizing access to equity and inclusive recovery and development. It is also our role to remain vigilant and critical in protecting our democratic processes and institutions and advocating for good governance.

At the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI), 2024 marks the last year of our five-year strategic plan that started in 2019. As we navigate a new path for our future, our aim is to further strengthen our position as a social development organization, an impact investor for local social enterprises, and a proponent of a fair and inclusive society. We will draw from our past experiences and use our vision for the coming decades to guide us toward achieving these goals. 

Much work remains as we continue our commitments to financial service delivery and social enterprise development, driven by our mandate to empower the marginalized through social entrepreneurship. The leadership and team at FSSI have set out to meet our next five-year strategic targets and deliver investments that will support Filipino enterprises and grow communities.  

I enjoin our partners and members to approach this year with critical hope, knowing that our collective efforts can shape a better tomorrow.  

I hope you all have a fruitful and transformative year ahead. 

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