NGO Association Holds Monthly SE symposiums

Quezon City, Metro Manila – In a virtual gathering on September 26, 2023, The Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) actively participated in the Social Enterprise Symposium, a monthly event hosted by the Association of NGOs for Social Enterprise Development. This symposium serves as a platform for NGOs, community-based organizations, foundations, and social enterprises to share experiences, best practices, and collaborative initiatives aimed at advancing the development of social enterprises and their positive impact on society.

The symposium commenced with a presentation by Ms. Kathlene Joyce Bannister-Odtojan, the Area Cluster Representative of Mindanao and Office Manager of FICCO Community Outreach Foundation, Inc. Ms. Bannister-Odtojan shed light on FICCO’s innovative approach to social responsibility—the Cooperative Social Responsibility Fund (CSRF), constituting 4% of the cooperative’s income. This fund plays a pivotal role in supporting the operations of the FICCO Community Outreach Foundation, Inc., the cooperative’s social responsibility arm.

Ms. Genna Mijares, Customer and Partnership Development Manager of Plastic Bank, meanwhile brought to the forefront the impactful work of Plastic Bank, a for-profit social enterprise based in Vancouver. Mijares shared insights into the organization’s mission to combat plastic pollution in oceans and alleviate poverty in underdeveloped communities by establishing recycling ecosystems. Plastic Bank’s approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates opportunities for community development, demonstrating the potential of for-profit entities to drive positive social change.

Closing the symposium was Mr. Sixto Donato C. Macasaet, FSSI Executive Director and Co- chairperson of the Association of NGOs for Social Enterprise Development. In his closing remarks, Macasaet expressed gratitude to the speakers and organizers, emphasizing the importance of the monthly symposium as a platform for sharing initiatives and programs within the association. He expressed hope that this collaborative space would continue to foster dialogue and inspire further action.

The Association of NGOs for Social Enterprise Development, comprising  member organizations across the country, plays a pivotal role in advancing social enterprise development. This activity is part of the initiatives of the NGOs Subsector of the National SE Governance Council, wherein FSSI serves as co-Vice Chairperson.

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