Investments for Social Good

Message from the Executive Director

Partners and Colleagues, 

I am delighted to share with you the most recent initiatives and collaborations supported by the Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI). With our commitment to social good, our collective efforts have made significant strides in various areas.

We actively participated in the Social Enterprise (SE) Symposium; a monthly event hosted by the Association of NGOs for Social Enterprise Development. This virtual gathering provided a valuable platform for NGOs, community-based organizations, foundations, and social enterprises to exchange experiences, best practices, and collaborative initiatives, ultimately contributing to the advancement of social enterprises and their positive impact on society. This is part of the initiatives of the NGOs Subsector of the National SE Governance Council, wherein FSSI serves as co-Vice Chairperson.  

Additionally, FSSI participated in the 2-day SE Roadmap Council Conference, which focused on establishing an Integrated Service Platform to improve the business and social performance of enterprises onboarded in the SE Development Roadmap. On the first day of the conference, the chairpersons of the SE Roadmap’s five working subsectors provided an overview of their subsectors’ initiatives in furtherance of the SE Roadmap’s objectives. On the last day, the conference highlighted the initiatives of the co-presenters and how these may add value to all the SE Roadmap Council representatives’ efforts in the roadmap’s implementation.

Jerome Ignacio, FSSI Assistant Director of Development Services, was part of the panelists in the Integrated Service Platform Presentation and Launching segment during the first day of the conference. This segment presented the various functions of the integrated service platform that aims to increase the participation of Philippine SEs in the SE Roadmap, allowing the sector’s servicers to effectively expand their scope, size, and socio-environmental impact. 

FSSI also supported this year’s Social Development Week 2023 Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODENGO) focused on the theme “Facing the Impact of Climate Change on Sustainable Development.” These sessions aimed to foster dialogue among diverse stakeholders, addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

We also participated and supported the 11th International Co-operative Alliance-Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) Regional Assembly and 11th Cooperative Forum. After two decades, the Philippines again hosted this milestone event, bringing together 600 cooperators from 27 countries across Asia and the Pacific. The theme, “Cooperatives: Our Common Agenda,” emphasized inclusive, integrated, and effective cooperation to address the needs of people and the planet.

Participating in the Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 (ZEP2030) Coalition’s General Assembly as a coalition member was another highlight. This collective movement aims to uplift one million Filipino families from extreme poverty by 2030. Our commitment to spotlight local convergences and collaborate on effective solutions aligns with our broader vision for a better future.

Looking ahead, we are optimistic about cleaner energy and further development, as discussed in the Mindanao Clean Energy Forum and Renewable Energy Congress, as member of the Center for Empowerment, Innovation and Training on Renewable Energy (CentRE) which co-organized the event. By coordinating with stakeholders and leveraging renewable energy for productive use, we aim to contribute to sustainable development.

Finally, our investments for social good comes primarily in the form of our support to social enterprises. Towards this end, I am pleased to announce new partnerships, welcoming JMJ Solar based in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, as an FSSI partner.

Additionally, we celebrate the renewed partnerships with two long-time SE partners, LiveGreen International, Inc. (LiveGreen), and Quirino Isabela Multi-Purpose Cooperative (QIMPC).

This issue of our newsletter underscores the essence of collaboration. Through our shared values and commitment to service, we will continue working with our partners and stakeholders to drive innovation and emphasize the importance of collective action for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Thank you for your continued support.

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