AF opens new batch of Lead to Serve

The Association of Foundations (AF) held an online session on “Cultivating NGO Talents” on October 11, 2023, focusing on addressing leadership transition challenges in the Philippine NGO sector, the session highlighted the importance of competencies and re-introduced the LEAD to Serve program.

The LEAD to Serve Course, a key initiative by AF, aims to enhance leadership capabilities for the next generation of NGO leaders. This program not only fosters competent leaders but also promotes innovation through multi-sectoral conversations. AF introduced the Philippine NGO Leadership Competencies Framework in 2018, guiding efforts to cultivate talents’ interest, openness, and readiness for leadership roles.

The guide, presented during the session, advocates for the adoption of the Philippine NGO Leadership Competencies Framework, aiming to make the NGO sector more relevant and efficient in addressing complex development issues. It serves as a valuable resource for Philippine NGOs and talents.

FSSI, committed to contributing to the development of competent leaders in the NGO sector, actively supports these initiatives. Key FSSI staff are fellows of the Lead to Serve program.

For more information about LEAD to Serve Batch 5 enrollment, please click on the following link:

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