FSSI members, partners come together in gender workshop

On March 15 to 16, 2023, the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) hosted a Gender Inclusion Workshop in celebration of Women’s Month. It was attended by around 33 representatives from FSSI’s SE partners and member organizations. The workshop was the second in a series conducted by the Foundation for its women-owned and led social enterprise partners.

The planning workshop sessions provided a venue for the partner WSEs and members to engage in discussion around the four gender lenses of women-led business, women in the workforce, customer focus, and women in the value chain. They were also able to develop detailed gender inclusion plans to help their respective organizations improve their gender policies, programs, and practices.

The workshop was supported by FSSI’s partnership with Investing in Women (IW).

Starting in June 2020, FSSI collaborated with IW, an Australian government initiative aimed at promoting women’s economic empowerment and inclusive economic growth in Southeast Asia. FSSI’s IW program provided financial support and capacity building to WSEs, helping them in developing and scaling up their businesses. FSSI’s collaboration with IW and its investment in WSEs, combined with its efforts to promote gender equality within the organization, demonstrate its commitment to promoting sustainable and equitable development.

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