Rural-Urban Market Link Project Launched

Bernie Berondo, Manager, GlowCorp

The Rural-Urban Market Link Project: Establishing a Mechanism to Promote Inclusive Livelihood for the Marginalized was on December 16, 2022 at the Institute of Social Order,  Ateneo de Manila University.

The three-year project is spearheaded by the Global Organic and Wellness Corporation (GlowCorp), a farmer-led enterprise involved in the marketing of agricultural products, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) is one of the six consortium partners of GlowCorp along with the Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA), Philippine Family Farmers’ Agriculture Fishery Forestry Cooperatives Federation (AgriCOOPh Federation), National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO), Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas (PhilDHRRA), and the Partnership of Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA).

The Rural-Urban Market Link Project aims to develop a mechanism to promote inclusive livelihood for the marginalized poor through facilitating the consolidation of agricultural products and linking them to urban communities, particularly in Greater Manila. The project will help small agricultural producers gain access to markets for their products, and urban consumers to enjoy a steady supply of safe and nutritious food.

The public launch gathered stakeholders from the government, private sector, and other civil society organizations collaborating to provide support for the successful implementation of the project.

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