FSSI Learning Sessions: Decrypting Cryptocurrencies: Learning about Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

FSSI hosted an online forum, “Decrypting Cryptocurrencies: Learning about Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies” on August 11, 2021. The forum, attended by over 60 representatives from FSSI member organizations, partner social enterprises, and other non-profit organizations, provided a better understanding of finance investments through an orientation on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including implications for investors and financial institutions.

Resource speaker experienced litigation lawyer and legal consultant Atty. Alan A. Tan, a technophile and cryptocurrency investor, shared a brief history of the beginning of Bitcoin, practical ways of investing in cryptocurrency assets, investment risks, and legal considerations. 

Asked on whether cryptocurrencies could be a good investment option for non-government organizations with unrestricted funds, Atty. Tan says that if done properly, cryptocurrencies could be a means to earn. However, organizations must exercise caution when exploring this investment. “If you play it right, you could earn a lot for your organization. But be careful, it’s a very risky thing. That’s why those in the United States only use three to five percent of their capital reserves to go into cryptocurrencies, and the rest in more stable investments like stocks. That’s the basic rule now. Don’t put too much,” he shared. 

You may read the highlights of the discussion here and browse other relevant learning materials through this link