Terms of Reference: Service Provider for Business Continuity Plan Preparation and Orientation


The Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) is looking for a consultant to prepare and package its Business Continuity Plan, and conduct BCP orientation for FSSI staff.

FSSI is a non-government organization established in 1995. It manages an endowment fund which resulted from the successful debt-swap campaign of international and local organizations to cancel the foreign debt from the Swiss government.

FSSI has promoted a “triple bottom line” (3BL) approach in supporting social enterprise development. This approach enables social enterprises to manage their economic, social, and environmental impact. FSSI supports social enterprises by providing financial and technical services that enables them to achieve their profit, people and planet bottom lines. FSSI has a range of products and services that include equities, loans, deposits, and grants, as well as business development support services.

FSSI is embarking on a new journey with its Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024. The strategic plan has four key results areas (KRA): financial service delivery, social enterprise development, asset and investment management, and organizational development.

One of the objectives under the organizational development key result area is “to implement a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure operations continue in the event of major disruption”.


The overall purpose of the consultancy work is package the existing risk management framework and risk response plan and develop the appropriate business continuity plan. 

Scope of Work

1. The consultant will conduct the following:

a. Review the following existing documents:

b. Risk Assessment –threats and risks to FSSI operation, assets and human resources

c. Business Impact Assessment – identifying range/ levels of impact to:

  • Health and safety
  • Compliance and legal impact
  • Reputation
  • Financial impact
  • Performance and capability

d. Risk Rating and Risk Rating Matrix – low, medium, high risks based on probability and impact

e. Risk Management Framework

f. Risk Response Plan –trigger points (condition or other event that will cause a risk to take place) and appropriate response

2. Prepare the risk management guidelines (detailed risk response)

3. Prepare the recovery plan

4. Package the Business Continuity Plan

5. Prepare a BCP Orientation course design

6. Conduct BCP orientation to FSSI employees


The contractor shall submit a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan according to the risks to FSSI’s assets and resources, and a corresponding BCP orientation course design to be implemented for FSSI employees.

Duration and Location

The coordination meetings with the staff and IT assessment will be held thru online meetings.

The professional service contract shall be for 30 person-days.

Estimated timeline for the engagement:

Activity Estimated Workdays
Orientation meeting 1
Review of existing documents on risk management, risk assessment 3
Coordinate with key informant/ key person on resources at risk: Human ResourcesPhysical AssetsFinancial Assets 1
Data gathering, meetings with key informants 5
Preparation of risk management guidelines 7
Coordination and conduct of management meeting for roles and responsibilities 3
Present initial draft of the BCP 1
Revision and approval of BCP 3
Prepare course outline, coordinate schedule for BCP Orientation 2
Conduct BCP Orientation 1
Packaging of FSSI Business Continuity Plan 2
Submission of final output 1

Institutional Arrangement

The contractor will work with HR and Administration manager, and other staff as needed.


  1. College degree in a related discipline or equivalent training and experience;
  2. Minimum 2 years of hands-on experience on business continuity and/ or disaster and risk management for businesses or organizations, including performing business impact assessment, IT recovery planning, understanding of basic regulatory requirements, among others;
  3. Familiar with financial services organization applications and technologies (credit services);
  4. Effective documentation and communications skills.

Application Process

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the following:

  1. Quotation (Professional Fee) for the short term engagement
  2. Updated and detailed curriculum vitae
  3. Copy of related previous work (if available)

Applications should be emailed to the Human Resources and Administration Manager Doreen Erasga, doreen@fssi.com.ph not later than Thursday, 17 June 2021.