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What's New in FSSI


The Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) is a social investment organization committed to support the development of sustainable communities through social entrepreneurship. Since 1995, we have  been supporting  social enterprises across the Philippines through loans and capacity building. Our organization promotes the triple bottom line (3BL): social equity, environmental protection, and economic development, also referred to as three P’s or PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT.  


FSSI is in need of two interns who will report to the Project Development and Monitoring Unit.

Research Intern
  • Must have completed subjects or demonstrated competence in research methodology, conducting surveys, report writing and documentation
  • Will draft research instruments, administer surveys, and prepare research reports 
Creative intern
  • Must have completed subjects or demonstrated competence in graphic design, copywriting and video editing
  • Will develop marketing materials targeting a range of audiences from cooperatives to start ups, SMEs and multi sector institutional partners


Duration: August to December 2020 (est 20 weeks) 

Please note that FSSI provides a modest stipend for communication expenses.  Interns may choose to continue work beyond 20 weeks in agreement with the designated supervisors, but without stipend. They are also expected to use their own laptop.


Work from home


Candidate must be a student, enrolled in a graduate-level degree program at the time of application and during internship. Candidates that have graduated are not eligible for internship


  • Excellent organizational, time management and strong interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work flexibly and meet deadlines;
  • Attention to details and proven ability to work independently and effectively
  • Proficiency in computer software related to key tasks assigned (MS Office and graphic design or editing software such as Photoshop, InDesign, etc)


  1. Proof of enrolment with inclusive dates to confirm that you will be enrolled during the intended period of assignment.
  2. Resume

Interested applicants can email their requirements to


What's New in FSSI


The Foundation for a Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) is looking for a consultant to conduct an IT assessment and propose IT enhancements to ensure a secure, appropriate, and reliable IT system.

FSSI is a non-government organization established in 1995. It manages an endowment fund which resulted from the successful debt swap campaign of international and local organizations to cancel the foreign debt from the Swiss government.

FSSI has promoted a “triple bottom line” (3BL) approach in supporting social enterprise development. This approach enables social enterprises to manage their economic, social, and environmental impact. FSSI supports social enterprises by providing financial and technical services that enables them to achieve their profit, people and planet bottom lines. FSSI has a range of products and services that include equities, loans, deposits, and grants, as well as business development support services.

FSSI is embarking on a new journey with its newly crafted Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024. The strategic plan has four key results areas (KRA): financial service delivery, social enterprise development, asset and investment management, and organizational development.

One of the strategic goals under the organizational development key result area is to enhance FSSI’s processes and decision making through effective and reliable MIS. One of its objectives is laying down and maintain a secure, appropriate, and reliable IT system by 2020.


The overall purpose of the consultancy work is to assess the current information technology system and propose a recommendation for system enhancement based on the requirements of FSSI’s business processes.

Scope of Work

The consultant will conduct the following:

  1. Review and update the draft MIS / IT assessments available.
  2. Develop or adopt a specific and systematic MIS assessment tool to examine various aspects of the IT system in relation to its intended goals.
  3. Perform a systematic and thorough review of the MIS system of FSSI and the IT systems used in the office which includes both hardware (computers, servers, networks, etc.), software (custom applications, cloud services, client/server OS, security, etc.), IT policies (IT use, security, disaster recovery, management of systems, etc.), and IT services (procurement, help desk, etc.).
  4. Draft a comprehensive proposal for a multi-stage system enhancement which considers the strategic goals of the MIS, the proposed IT strategy, and cost management.
  5. Discuss with relevant staff and senior management the proposal, including the advantage and disadvantages.

The consultant will not perform the needed system enhancement to ensure impartiality to any product or service. He/she will be disqualified from any future call for the performance of the system enhancement.


  • IT/MIS assessment methodology and tool based on industry standard tools; these will be discussed and approved by FSSI
  • IT/MIS assessment report, including the identification of the appropriate IT/MIS requirements
  • Comprehensive proposal for a multi-stage enhancement of FSSI IT/MIS based on the assessment and the proposed IT strategy of FSSI
    • with annex listing recommended and alternative technologies, together with their brands, models, and cost estimates. 
  • Presentation to and discussion with FSSI senior management and concerned staff of the IT/MIS assessment report and the comprehensive proposal for a multi-stage enhancement of FSSI IT/MIS.

Duration and Location

The coordination meetings with the staff and IT assessment will be held at the FSSI office or thru online meetings.

The consultancy is a part-time professional service contract of around 6­­-7 days.

Estimated Timeline for the consultancy:

Institutional Arrangement

The consultant will work with the M&E Officer and Administration Assistant, and other staff as needed. The consultant will report directly to the M&E Officer.

FSSI will purchase the required materials and equipment for the IT upgrade.


  1. With educational background on Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, and other related courses
  2. Expert in Microsoft technologies, especially Windows 10, Microsoft 365, and Azure.
  3. Expert in Windows Server technology, Active Directory, and other windows server technologies (familiarity with Ubuntu Linux technologies is a plus)
  4. Proficient in networking technologies and management
  5. Proficient in IT security and disaster recovery
  6. Familiar with financial services organization applications and technologies (credit services)
  7. Familiar with developing IT operational procedures, Security policies, IT services, help desk processes

Application Process

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the following:

  1. Proposed IT assessment methodology and implementation work plan.
  2. Quotation (Professional Fee) for the consultancy work.
  3. Updated and detailed curriculum vitae

Applications should be emailed to the Human Resources and Administration Manager Doreen Erasga, not later than August 13, 2020, Thursday.