FSSI Shifts Focus from Area- to Commodity-Based Value Chains

FSSI updates its logo as its celebrates its 25th anniversary this 2020

Strategic Plan for 2020 to 2024

The Board of Trustees has approved FSSI’s new vision, mission, core values, priority value chains, and strategic goals and objectives for 2020 to 2024. Learning from the lessons of our strategic plan for 2017 to 2019, we are now shifting our focus from geographic- to commodity-based value chains. With the new strategy, value chain development will not be limited only to priority areas but will instead optimize opportunities from various sectors.

Four commodities were chosen based on their potential for growth, improved outcome, presence and involvement of FSSI’s SE partners and members or groups already working on the value chain that we can tap or work with: organic vegetables, cacao, bamboo, and renewable energy. 

With the reassessment of our value chain focus, we also re-evaluated and simplified our vision and mission for brevity and clarity. Our core values were narrowed down to four from six but with the essential characteristics of the former core values still maintained.

VISION: Empowered communities upholding social justice, respecting integrity of creation, and realizing fullness of life

MISSION: To provide social investments to enterprises through the triple bottom line (3BL) strategy


STEWARDSHIP FSSI is committed to exercise responsible management over the resources entrusted to us, taking into full account the interests of society, future generations, and all species. We also promote biodiversity conservation and the protection of the environment.  Sustainability will always guide us in the work that we do.

INCLUSIVITY We recognize the dignity and human rights of all persons regardless of sex, gender,   culture, faith, ethnicity, age, social status or other attributes. FSSI believes in providing equitable treatment and opportunities to all in their access to and control over resources, decision-making and the benefits of development.  FSSI endeavors to facilitate access particularly for the marginalized to increase their capacities and fulfil their potential.

GOOD GOVERNANCE We demand, in all our dealings and in society, the practice of transparency, participation, integrity, and accountability. We strive to create an enabling environment for sustainable human development.

EXCELLENCE We set and demonstrate the highest standards in the performance of our duties and ensure continuing relevance, effectiveness and efficiency. FSSI commits to consistently seek out new and improved ways of partnering with and serving social enterprises and Philippine society.

Project Management Workshop 2020

With almost all of the units with full staff complement, FSSI in January 2020 held a project management workshop to review and enhance existing work processes. The workshop was facilitated by the Center for Humanitarian Learning and Innovation (CHLI) and identified areas for improvement for work efficiency.

Here are some of the suggestions discussed during the workshop:

1. Computerized project development and monitoring systems

2. Online banking and account with a different bank for faster and timely transactions with partner SEs

3. Automated document tracking system including all HR forms

4. Database for institutional knowledge

5. Creation of an occupational health and safety plan

6. Digitization of all finance documents for data security

While all of the resulting discussions were deemed important, FSSI staff evaluated those that need to be prioritized and programmed; urgent actions and persons responsible were identified. As an offshoot of the workshop, the Development Services, Knowledge Management, Advocacy and Communications (KMAC), and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) units held another working session where they reviewed and established common understanding on processes in the delivery of FSSI’s development services and drafted standard work operating procedures.