The KMAC Officer provides technical and advisory support in the area of advocacy and social marketing of the triple bottom line (3BL) social enterprise (SE) development strategy and practice of FSSI. The position conducts planning and implementation of assigned advocacies, social marketing, communication packages, and preparation of related knowledge and policy materials.

The position assists the KMAC Manager in ensuring that FSSI’s advocacies are documented, communicated and supported at the national level with the purview that the same shall enhance FSSI’s 3BL work.


  • Advocacy


  1. Assists in the promotion of 3BL advocacy and FSSI’s core values among members and partners;
  2. Assists in networking and partnership building as assigned;
  3. Coordinates and works with members, advocacy partners and other stakeholders on matters related to the assigned advocacy and communication engagement;
  4. Helps prepare M&E schedule and reports of advocacy and communication activities;


  1. Undertakes inventory and analysis of relevant policies, implementing rules and regulations and other similar issuances relating to the growth and development of social enterprises;
  2. Conducts and/or organizes policy action researches, case studies and inter-disciplinary studies along the triple bottom line agenda of FSSI-supported enterprises;
  3. Helps build advocacy capacities and forge unity with FSSI partners and members, other civil society organizations, business organizations, government agencies and other organizations for 3BL and SE issues;
  4. Coordinates and assists in the mobilization of FSSI members, partners and supporters in influencing public policy and programs/projects;
  • Communication
  1. Helps implement the Foundation’s social marketing and communications strategy, including liaison work with media;
  2. Helps conceptualize, coordinate, and supervise of the production of the Foundation’s Annual Reports, communication and branding materials/peripherals and other related publications of FSSI;
  3. Develops and packages information materials (e.g., feature stories, media releases, etc.) for multi-media consumption to support the Foundation’s knowledge management, advocacy agenda and positive image;
  • Knowledge Management
  1. Helps organize and participates in knowledge management-related activities to generate lessons learned and information valuable to FSSI;
  • Others
  1. Helps develop effective strategies for the unit;
  2. Extends technical advice and support to the Committee on Education and Advocacy (CEA), as may be necessary, and helps support and attends the meetings of CEA;
  3. Participates in the periodic and annual program assessment and planning;
  4. Represents FSSI in various meetings, caucuses, fora and conferences and others as may be assigned by the KMAC Manager;
  5. Performs other related functions as may be assigned.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Journalism, Social Science or other related fields. 

Work Experience: At least 3 years core and related experience in policy advocacy, campaigns and communication, development communication and media liaison work, publications, print and multi-media production work (front and back-end) and related journalistic work.

  1. Technical Competencies
    • Concepts and strategies on communications, advertising, advocacy and social marketing 
    • Excellent written, language presentation skills (technical or creative writing; basic concepts in journalism)   
    • Working knowledge on the production of communication materials for tri-media consumption (e.g. print and/or video production, technical lay-out/desktop publishing/programming languages like HTML, Java) 
    • Electronic Systems Skills – having knowledge of functions, features, and potential applications of electronic systems (i.e. computer-based training, teleconferencing, expert systems, interactive video and satellite networks) 
    • Project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (PDIME) 
    • Knowledge Management – process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets  
  • Organizational Competencies
  • Thorough knowledge of the Foundation’s VMG, MTDP, thrusts, annual objectives, programs and services 
  • Working knowledge of the functions of the different units of the Foundation 
  • PLOC Skills – Planning, leading, organizing and controlling skills
  • Project Management Skills – planning, organizing, monitoring, and evaluating work for purposes of delivering a specific output 
  • Cost – benefit analysis skills – assessing alternatives in terms of their financial, psychological and strategic advantages and disadvantages 
  • Records Management – systematic filing, retrieval, archiving and maintenance of records/ documents  

  • Interpersonal Competencies 
    • Partnership Building Skills – establishing relationships and networking across a broad range of people, groups and sectors 
    • Self-starting Skills –tapping resources, seeing opportunities and continuously learning and gaining knowledge of the latest technologies in Information Systems and Communications
    • Presentation Skills – presenting information orally so that an intended purpose is achieved 
    • Writing Skills – preparing written material that follows generally accepted rules of style and form, is appropriate for the audience, is creative and accomplishes the intended purpose  
    • Feedback Skills – communicating information, opinions, observations, and conclusions so that they are understood and can be acted upon
    • Group process Skills – influencing groups so that tasks, relationships and individual needs are addressed 
    • Negotiation Skills – securing “win-win” agreements while successfully representing a special interest in a decision 
    • Public Relations Skills – able to project a good image of the Foundation to its different publics and represent the organization in various events  

  • Intellectual Competencies 
  • Data reduction Skill – scanning, synthesizing and drawing conclusions from data 
  • Versatility – recognizing, exploring and using a broad range of ideas and practices, thinking logically and creatively 
  • Observing Skills – recognizing objectively what is happening in or across situations 
  • Visioning Skills – projecting trends and visualizing possible and probable futures and their implications (specifically on IT-related issues) 
  • Critical thinking and decision- making skills  

  • IT Competencies 
    • Computer management 
    • Internet communications (i.e., web, email, e-groups, social networking tools, etc.) 
    • Computer applications (MS Word, Excel PowerPoint, Dbase, Operating systems, virus protection, various desktop applications, etc)

Interested applicants may tender an application letter addressed to the HR and Administration Manager, and together with their curriculum vitae submit to:

The HR and Administration Unit
Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc.
46-E Eugenio Lopez Street corner Samar Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City

Deadline for submission of application is on December 4, 2019.

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