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FSSI Supports Projects On Renewable Energy

(October 25-26, 2018) – FSSI joined in the Renewable Energy (RE) Congress, a two-day activity that brought together more than 200 local and international participants from different sectors – renewable energy advocates, developers, producers, researchers, experts, students and end-users or “prosumers” – to explore and discuss initiatives on transitioning to sustainable and clean energy sources.

Several speakers talked about innovations leading to the just and democratic transition to RE. FSSI’s Executive Director Sixto Donato Macasaet, on the other hand, presented the organization’s products and services in line with supporting projects that use RE technologies. He also stressed the important role of financial institutions in ensuring that their social investment goes to sustainable projects.

A workshop on the second day was facilitated to get the inputs of participants on the tangible measures to achieve a 100% RE in the Philippines.

The event was organized by the Center for Empowerment, Innovation and Training on Renewable Energy (The CENTRE), a hub for technology, social innovation, policy studies, advocacy and community empowerment with the vision of achieving 100% renewable energy towards a meaningful and ecological transformation in the country.