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The Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization that offers financial and 
non-financial products and services to social enterprises with people, planet and profit objectives, also known 
as the triple bottom line (3BL).
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The economic participation of 
marginalized sectors in social 
enterprises and value chain.
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The sustainable management of local ecosystems and development of climate change adaptation, mitigation, and disaster risk reduction mechanisms.
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The sustainable production of 
commodities and development 
of local values chains.
Sound Management
Gender and Development
Community Improvement
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Management
Our programs aim to develop sustainable local communities through 3BL strategy.


Our loan products include:

  • Microfinance program

  • Start-up enterprise loan

  • Bridge financing/Purchase order financing

  • Enterprise loan

  • Agri-credit

  • AIF business incubation

  • Business development

  • Agro-enterprise

  • Capital assets

  • Renewable energy


Qualified applicants for developmental deposit include:

  • Secondary cooperatives

  • Cooperative banks

  • Rural banks


  • Venture capital for social enterprises


  • Start-up enterprise grant

  • Capacity building grant

  • Advocacy grant

Who are eligible to apply for our products and services?

Social enterprise which has people, planet and 
profit objectives/bottomline and take the form of 
the following:
  • ✓ Cooperatives

  • ✓ Microfinance NGOs

  • ✓ NGOs and POs

  • ✓ Corporations

  • ✓ Partnerships

  • ✓ Sole proprietorships

What are the steps in availing our products and services?

  • 1. Take our online test

The online test will help us know about your triple bottom 
line and how we can support you.

  • 2. Fill-out our application form

The online application form will give us specific details 
about your project that will help us in reviewing 
your proposal.

  • 3. Wait for our notification

We will inform you through email and text message if your application/proposal passed or failed our initial review.

  • 4. Submit required documents

Successful applicants will be given a checklist of required 
documents for compliance.

  • 5. Appraisal process

After passing the initial review, the proposal is subject to 
appraisal under which the applicant may be visited or 
asked for additional documents.

  • 6. Appraisal feedback

We will inform applicants about the result of their application 
by phone or email.

Are you ready to apply for our products and services?

Want to know if your social enterprise 
has triple bottomlines? 
Take our test!
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